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The Remote Service Cloud
The secure remote maintenance solution for machines and plants – Customised for your
requirements in the production environment  Technology 100% made ​​in Germany

Big-LinX The Remote Service Cloud
• A VPN server with web portal is integrated in Big-LinX
• Central management of all incoming VPN connections
• Individual assignment of virtual remote maintenance environments to machines

Big-LinX Advantages for the supplier
• Considerable reduction of onsite costs
• Efficient deployment planning
• Pre-configured firewall ex factory
• System information is provided automatically for service purposes
• Virtual machines provide pre-configured remote maintenance environments
• Highest security via SmartCard Securit

Big-LinX Advantages for the end customer
• Higher system availability
• Cost reduction for service and maintenance
• Extremely straightforward operation
• Initiation of service enquiry by the customer only, e.g. via key switch
• No elaborate IT integration to machines required
• The service technician receives the service enquiry via the firewall and can start remote maintenance of the machine via
the Big-LinX portal from anywhere in the world

Basic bundle Options
VPN rendezvous server for secure connections worldwide
SmartCard security for maximum data and network security
Big-LinX Explorer
Individual administration of users, privileges and firewall
World Wide Heartbeat (WWH) – status monitoring for system stability
Virtual machines – convenient service through preconfigured remote
maintenance workplaces
Quick and easy data acquisition and processing
eBusiness – direct connection to your company infrastructure
Big-LinX apps – expand Big-LinX with your own application*
Reseller-/ OEM option – resell Big-LinX under your name*
Industrial PC management*

*in progress